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Filing the Eight Slots of the XT

The soundblaster cards have gameports on them.

Yeah, but any hardcore gamer worth their weight in salt, has a separate gameport card - I still have one, somewhere - on of the dual-port Kraft cards. The funky one enclosed in plastic.

One of these days, and I keep telling myself so, I'm gonna drag that old P90 out of the garage, and set it back up. Stil have my (2) Diamond Monster 3D 2's, and the SLI interconnect, got joysticks up the wazoo, even my old SpaceOrb 360 from the Quake and Q2 days....got the Gravis Phoenix I used for MechWarrior2 / Mercs / NetMech...

<sigh> the goold old days...I spent^H^H^H^H^H blew quite a few weekends duking it out in MechWarrior2 on Kali Servers....