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For Sale IBM 5160 with XT-IDE-CF MOD


New Member
Aug 9, 2017
Willing to sell it for $250 (includes shipping to US only, willing to entertain offers from CA, but EU is too prohibitive and no Puerto Rico)

I accept paypal.

Pics and dead eBay page: https://www.ebay.com/itm/323037920914

This is a very nice 1983 IBM 5160 PC XT (second model XT) reversible retro-mod.

When I received the unit it only had 128k of working RAM and could not boot DOS! It has been fully repaired and upgraded to 512k RAM and uses a Solid State CF card as the hard disk! No Floppy Needed!

Has a few scratches on the outside (very little rust!) because this is a VINTAGE RETRO-MOD IBM PC XT.

The processor reads "Intel '80" and the other chips have dates of 1981 and 1982
Great power supply, starts right up
Fully cleaned the internals in process of repairing bad memory chips including spraying De-Ox-It on all internal ISA connectors
Installed green XT-IDE-CF card with a Compact Flash acting as HDD C: (2GB) - this part of the machine is GAURANTEED FOR LIFE by eBay user: suddenlymatt of Suddenly Matt, LLC ; contact him on eBay directly if anything ever goes wrong with your CF card or XT-IDE-CF stops recognizing the hard drive.
Chinese cloned Adlib Sound Card (Installed)
512K MEMORY UPGRADE: I performed an on-board memory upgrade by following the instructions included in the envelope, I performed it without soldering because the "jumper wire" was fitted into the socket on the PAL chip and it is underneath a metal peripheral housing so it doesn't need to be protected. Why mention this? Well, it means my "HIMEM HACK" isn't permanent and can be easily "un-done" by reversing the instructions (why you would, I have no idea, but...)
I have included all removed ICs which are taped inside the computer in static protectors, for future troubleshooting / review / repair
Comes with a SEALED serial "Agiler" 3-button mouse
(1) envelope with modding instructions
I have installed a serial adapter 25-to-9 pin (1)
Does not include floppy disk drives
Boots directly to the hard drive
CF Card (Hard Drive) contains entire Simtel MSDOS archive, include all utilities and programs you would want. I also recommend being careful removing the card to copy new files, but you could add games and stuff from online abandonware archives
Paradise VGA (works with modern LCD panels)
1 Joystick Port
All 4 original cork feet!
Things not included that you'll need:
XT-compatible keyboard (like some Model Fs, Model M, or one of those later model "switching" XT/AT keyboards which is what I used)
A set of computer speakers
An LCD panel or vintage CRT
A mousepad
A standard power cable
Note: I'm selling the FDDs, Tape Drive etc., that I removed from this and their controller card(s) in another auction.