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For Sale or Trade: Various systems of various levels of vintage


Experienced Member
Nov 29, 2018
Fort Wayne, IN
Hey all! I have quite a few systems sitting on a shelf that I haven't touched in a few years and I think it's time to find them a new home with someone who will show them a little more TLC and use than I have. What's up for grabs is as follows;

A Commodore VIC 20 that's missing a couple of keys. I can't for the life of me remember where I got this.

A for-parts IBM 5155 Luggable - I had high hopes for restoring this system, but the amount of components it needs just unfortunately makes it too costly to repair, so it would likely be better in the hands of someone who needs a system for-parts. It's missing the keyboard (the springs were rusted and crunched when pressed and wouldn't return), both floppy drives and the CGA adapter.

A Dell Dimension XPS with non-MMX Pentium. Includes the matching CRT monitor and keyboard.

An IBM PS/1 "Consultant" system that's missing the front door, just like every other Consultant system :lol:

A PII Gateway tower with matching CRT monitor and keyboard.

A generic beige-box PII with CRT monitor and keyboard.

If anyone here is interested in rehoming any of these systems then please, send me a PM and make me an offer!