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Freecycle bloopers


Veteran Member
Apr 24, 2009
Canberra, Australia
Decided to dip my toe into Freecycle - free and local are both good for me.

In the first round of emailed offers, among the baby clothes, "a bit grubby" sofas, and sacks of VHS tapes, was an offer for "2 computer monitors (black and white), old type". Wow! B/W monitor = very old, possibly a serial terminal! You even see Mac all-in-ones advertised on eBay as "monitors" by the same people who think every beige box is a "hard drive". Could be compact Macs? I shot off a response and was invited to pick them up.

Turned up at appointed time and the nice people had the two monitors waiting for me: standard SVGA CRTs, one white case, one black case. Anticlimax! Anyhow, the black one was a nice Samsung Multisynch 17" that will mate happily with Mac IIs via DIP switch adapter. I just cleaned out my storage space, but it looks like nature abhors a vacuum and more stuff just insists on moving in. :rolleyes: