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Southwest FS: BSR 386SX/16 desktop computer

Covers: Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico


Veteran Member
Aug 28, 2010
Scottsdale, AZ
BSR 386SX/16 vintage desktop computer. This computer is tested working but please read the details below before buying!
specs: CPU is an intel 386SX @ 16MHz, 4MB of memory, Intel 387 math coprocessor, built-in Cirrus Logic "Eagle II" video chip. MAD16 16-bit ISA sound card. 1.2MB 5 1/4 floppy drive & 1.44 3.5 inch floppy drive. Seagate 107MB hard drive.

The pc does boot to the hard drive. floppy drives and sound card tested working.

the things that don't work *please read*
This machine has a built-in BUS mouse port but I do not own a BUS mouse to test so mouse functionality is unknown. I loaded CTMOUSE drivers and they did detect when I attached a serial mouse but the mouse did not function.
The motherboard uses an external battery for the CMOS, this battery is DEAD so it will either need to be replaced or you will have to set up the hard drive and floppy drives each time you power this PC up.
PC has a habit of restarting itself when it encounters any kind of error, not sure what causes this but I spend several hours with the machine and it only did this once or twice when I was running benchmarking programs but being this is pretty old vintage hardware I can make no guarantees. Could be related to a dead CMOS battery.

The PC is smaller for an old PC but heavy and depending on the distance I figure shipping is at least going to be $50 to $60 to pack it well and ship.
I'm possibly willing to trade for any RPG or adventure big box PC games I don't own or trade + cash or a socket 478 3.4GHz Pentium EE CPU + cash.

I'm not really in any hurry to sell this PC, just looking to free up space and get rid of redundant setups I own.
$200 shipped, if you are local to Phoenix, AZ and can do local pickup I can cut you a nice discount.


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