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FS: Dallas DS1287/DS12887 Repair Boards, Completed Modules


Veteran Member
Feb 1, 2010
Central VA
I've finally got a small "production" run of various DS1287/DS12887 repair/replacement options up and listed:

GW-12887-1 Replacement Module

link: https://www.tindie.com/products/glitchwrks/gw-12887-1-ds12887-rtc-replacement-module/

This module fully replaces a DS1287 or DS12887. It's built with a new DS12885+ IC. Should work to replace all DS12887 modules. Usually works when replacing a DS1287 but some systems won't work with it.

GW-12887-1 Repair Board

link: https://www.tindie.com/products/glitchwrks/gw-12887-1-ds12887-rtc-replacement-module/

This is the repair board used to make the full GW-12887-1 module. You can use a new DS12885 IC or dismantle a dead DS12887 and use the IC from that.

GW-1287-1 Repair Board

link: https://www.tindie.com/products/glitchwrks/gw-1287-1-repair-board-for-ds1287-rtcs/

These repair boards are electrically identical to the GW-12887-1 repair board, but say GW-1287-1 to avoid confusion :) Again, you can use a NOS DS1285 or recover one from a dead DS1287. This is useful when you have a board that just won't work with the DS12887/GW-12887-1.

I do have a very few fully assembled GW-1287-1 modules that do in fact work where a GW-12887-1 won't work. I haven't listed them as the DS1285 required to make them is hard to find in a DIP package. If anyone really, really needs one, feel free to PM me about it.

All items are cross-listed on eBay, but they're cheaper on Tindie because I'd rather support Tindie.