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FS: Good working CFFA3000


Veteran Member
Oct 4, 2011
Bedford, NH, USA
I have reached the point where in order to acquire additional vintage stuff that I desire, I need to sell some of my other stuff.

I offer here a good working CFFA3000 board for the Apple II (I had it installed in my Apple IIGS).

I am offering it for what I paid for it, plus $12 shipping within the continental USA. International shipping will have to be determined, but I expect it to be greater than $12.

In the attached photos, you will see the desktop of my Apple IIGS with the CFFA3000 running, the CFFA3000, the remote switch with cable, and finally the invoice, showing that I paid $149.95 plus $19.95, for a total of $169.90.

The buyer here will pay $169.90 plus $12.00 shipping, for a total of $181.90 (within the continental USA - international will be more). Payment will be made by PayPal prior to shipment.

I hope this is clear. Please contact me with questions.



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