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FS: NorthStar Advantage


Veteran Member
Dec 21, 2006
For Sale: NorthStar Advantage, appears complete in original packaging sold "AS IS". $100

This is a early all-in-one CP/M computer using the Z80 CPU and has graphics capability.

Due to the large size and weight of this computer box it must be picked up in person. No shipping.



http://www.s100computers.com/Hardware Folder/Northstar/History/History.htm

From the above site: "Later (1982), company came out with an "All in one" system called the NorthStar Advantage. It was well accepted particularly in the academic community. Based on the Zilog Z-80 4Mhz processor, it had 64K of RAM and originally came with two 360K floppy disks. However the cost was high ($4000). The second floppy was later replaced with a 5 Megabyte Winchester hard disk drive. Hard disks were ultimately offered in a 30 megabyte size. The North Star Advantage ran both NorthStar DOS and BASIC as well as CP/M applications. The latter came about initially when a separate group called Lifeboat Associates ported CP/M on to their system. For a time this provided a boost to the unique hard sectored disk system."

Please contact me at LYNCHAJ@YAHOO.COM if interested. Thank you!

Andrew Lynch