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FS: Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 (Linux)


Mar 19, 2006
Austin, TX
I'm selling my Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000. It's a great device and served me well. I've been running low on cash and am putting my precious up for sale. It is used but runs perfectly. The original screen protector from the factory is still on the screen. It is still "virgin" and never been in contact with the air since put together in the factory. This device was imported from Japan and comes with the original box and Japanese manuals. There is no official English manual that comes with it. But there are loads upon loads of information seamlessly put togeter from the Zaurus User Group in the Wiki. Yes, this device has been converted to full English. It will be wiped before shipping.

Operating System: Linux. Cacko ROM is installed.
Screen: VGA resolution - 640x480 pixels. Rotatable.
Keyboard: Easy to use QWERTY keyboard with hot buttons.
Battery: 1800mAH
Processor: 416mhz Intel Xscale. Easily overclocks to 624mhz for added speed.
Expansion: Secure Digital/MMC and Compact Flash/MicroDrive slots
Wireless: IRDA built in. Requires CF card for Bluetooth or Wifi
Built in Memory: 128mb Flash. Aproximitly 63mb avaliable to user. Rest is used for the ROM. ROM is easily flashable if you want to upgrade or change the OS.
PC Sync software: Yes for Windows. Mac OS X is limited to addresses via 3rd party which is free. There is 3rd party Linux support which is free.
USB Host: Yes.

Videos and MP3s perform great. Underclock is avaliable for MP3 playback. Overclocking is built into the video player for an added boost. It aslo has the ability to use AUDIO sound in from a microphone or other source.

Majority of the software avaliable including office suites, browsers, games, emulators, dictionaries, translators out they are FREE! Zaurus software may be found here. You do not have to be a Linux expert to install and use software. It is an easy to learn concept of software "packages" that are installed. There is an installer built into the OS for managing "packages."

USB host. What is it? The Zaurus has USB host capabilities. That means the user can plug in a USB mouse, keyboard, numberpad, hub, USB Flash stick, external hard drive, and an iPod.

Asking price. I am asking for $315. This price is very competitive with most eBay sales for the same model.

Also, see some Zaurus videos that I made here.