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FS: Tomy Pyuuta computer, plus Tomy Tutor peripherals and cartridges


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Mar 22, 2013
Sunny So Cal
I have several items from the Tomy Tutor family for sale (for background on this computer, see http://www.floodgap.com/retrobits/tomy/ ), an unusual partial clone of the TI-99/4A. The peripherals and cartridges work on both the American Tomy Tutor and the Japanese Tomy Pyuuta. Whatever doesn't sell by the end of the month goes to eBay.

TERMS: Paypal only. SHIPPING COSTS ARE CONTINENTAL USA ONLY; combined shipping may be possible. Ask FIRST if you are outside the country or in AK, PR or HI. USA buyers have priority over international buyers because it's just less hassle; nothing personal. Pickup possible in greater Los Angeles. All items sold AS IS.

Photos of these items are attached.

1) TOMY PYUUTA COMPUTER. If you've never played with an 80's Japanese home computer, here's your chance to get one on this side of the pond. You don't need to know Japanese or even any kanji; it's all katakana. Because THIS UNIT HAS COSMETIC DAMAGE (it's got some scuffs and discolouration and is missing two keys), I'll let it go relatively cheaply. It works perfectly, as the pictures demonstrate, and you can press the missing keys by just pressing on the contact pads. 100V is preferred but it works fine on US 110~120V and of course with any NTSC composite display. Box is included but is missing the handle and there is some damage to the top flap. NO MANUAL, NOTHING ELSE. Good to mess around with or if you have a unit that needs parts. $125 + $30 shipping.

All of the peripherals and cartridges below will work with this Pyuuta (as well as with the Tomy Tutor, if you have one of those).

2) TOMY TUTOR JOY CONTROLLERS. Two controller set, 8-way, faint yellowing but otherwise in great shape. Box is a little banged up, but the controllers work fine. WILL WORK WITH PYUUTA. Needs passive converter (not included) to work with TI; not compatible with Commodore/Atari. If you buy the Pyuuta, I'll throw these in for $10 more. Otherwise, $20 + $10 shipping.

3) TOMY TUTOR DATA RECORDER. Sends a digital signal to the Tutor or Pyuuta; a regular tape recorder will not work. Includes power adaptor, tape cable and instruction sheet. Box is a bit banged up but the unit itself is nearly immaculate (a light scuff on the front). $45 + $10 shipping.

4) BERMUDA TRIANGLE GAME CARTRIDGE. Works with Tutor or Pyuuta, in English. Same game as US Torpedo Terror. Box and cartridge are in excellent shape. $30 + $5 shipping.

5) TURPIN GAME CARTRIDGE. Conversion of the Konami/Stern arcade. Plays great on Pyuuta. Will also play on Tutor, but may have garbled characters since it doesn't display in English. Box is a bit crushed but cartridge is just fine. $25 + $5 shipping.

Prices are relatively firm, but reasonable counteroffers will be considered if you're buying multiple items.

Buy everything for $275 and I'll pick up the shipping for free (continental USA only).


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