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FT : Working Commodore 64

Great Hierophant

Veteran Member
Mar 22, 2006
Massachusetts, USA
I acquired a C64 last year and have not been able to do anything with it. It does work as far as I can tell. The power brick is original and I have a Tooth Protectors cartridge, both work. Cartridge port, keyboard and first joystick have been tested, as has the AV connector and RF output. My C64 is a NTSC breadbin model with an 8-pin AV port. I do not have a disk drive, a datasette or other software for further testing.

I prefer trades to sales, so what do I want? Let me see...

TTL RGB Monitor like the Tandy CM-2, CM-11, Commodore 1084 (w/DE-9 input) or an IBM 4863 but not the Tandy CM-4 or CM-5.

Boxed Complete IBM PC Floppy Games from companies like Sierra, Lucas Arts, Origin, Electronic Arts, Activision, IBM, Accolade, Microprose, Maxis, Sir-Tech, New World Computing, Broderbund, Interplay, SSI, Virgin Interactive, Epyx, Infocom, IBM

A non-GM Roland SC-55. one with a "GS STANDARD" logo on the front that looks like this : http://hit.tweakdsl.nl/hikikomori/sc55.jpg

A Sound Blaster AWE32 CT-3900