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GEM and floppy disks


Veteran Member
May 29, 2007
Tampa Florida
I'm having a problem with GEM for my model 25. It works great, I even used the desktop.app from OpenGEM on Gem3, and it works fairly ok.

There is just ONE problem. Sometimes when trying to read a floppy disk, it just fails saying the drive is not ready, it never even tries. And if I quit GEM, it's stuck at the DOS prompt with general failure reading drive A:, and I have to fail it. If I try to use A:, same thing, failure, never even tries.

If I reboot the computer cold, floppy drive works just fine, load GEM, try and read a floppy immediately with a disk in, works fine then. If I try to format the floppy, bottom half of the screen gets garbled and it locks up (but the mouse cursor moves).

Any ideas?

EDIT: Even after a reboot and seeing Gem use a floppy drive just fine, just quitting GEM seems to shut down the floppy drive.

This is so strange, and annoying.
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Veteran Member
Sep 1, 2006
Sussex, UK
GEM doesn't do anything funny with the floppy drive (though I wouldn't trust formatting a floppy from within Desktop.App; it's quite possible I broke that.) I'm pretty sure it just uses the normal DOS functions.


New Member
Feb 14, 2014
I have a PS/2 model 25 too and I cannot get run GEMini with supported MCGA video mode. Maybe the driver spsc9.vga isn't right for the video card?