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Geneva Epson PX-8 for Sale


New Member
Dec 1, 2003
I have a pretty-much unused Geneva/ Epson PX-8 Portable Computer and all the hardcover manuals that came with it. I also have the wedge-shaped "modem" and P80X Portable printer and all the manuals that came with them as well. I have a couple of ROM's also- one says "Portable Wordstar" and the other says "Utility". I got this collection from my father who couldn't figure out how to use DOS, and I never used them either. The original battery is in it, but it won't charge up. All the items are in great cosmetic shape, and I know they work- I'm just not a DOS person either I guess! I have kept the computer for years because I feel it is part of history and I didn't want to sell them on ebay for $10.00!

I hope this can further someone's vintage collection.