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Getting back into it


Apr 20, 2010
Things keep popping up to keep me from getting anything done. Last night it was a mouse, poor dumb bastard, I've made it a point to kill anything I catch sneaking around in my basement now. Anyway, I'm picking up where I left off, my newest old board the hedeka hed-918. I thought I might try getting some expanded memory in it. I started with an everex ram 3000 Deluxe(ev-159). After the driver reported no usable memory, I started reading the manual all the way through (I always quit reading when I got it working, before) and discovered way in the back that these cards, although they have a 8 bit data mode, they use an 11 bit page register. No way to get it to work in an 8-bit slot, I suppose. A couple of interesting notes on these cards, if you should move the page frame from the default (c400) use the /d switch to disable the default page frame check to prevent a hangup if it finds a rom there. Also, to speed up the initial page count use the /o switch. Next I tried an intel aboveboard, only to discover this one needs an xt "plug". There's only one empty socket on the board labeled u13, no idea what this "plug" may be, but I suspect it has to be some sort of chip to handle the registers via some 8 bit addressable scheme. no plug, no go. I do have an actual 8 bit card, don't know what it actually is but it's silkscreened mitsubishi elec corp, weam 20 card, with a weam 21 daughtercard. Judging by the banks of dram, it looks like 128k base memory and about 2mb expanded. No drivers or switch settings for it though, can't find any info on it.