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Giveaway: many Digital esp VAX + other workstation / micros


New Member
Aug 12, 2005
Hello all,

A private collector is giving away most of his computer stash. Stuff
marked (*) is possibly already claimed; other stuff probably isn't, so
make your free claim. There is a risk of stuff getting trashed, which
none of us want happening - see "points" below.

= QBUS-based VAX (nice) =
4 x MicroVAX 3400 - ok, what we have are 4 x BA213 cabinets, filled with
many cards including processor+memory (KA640), and a huge pile more of
QBUS cards, which will be catalogued separately. Millions of DESQA and
other Ethernet cards are certainly apparent. I know at least two of
these have 110V supplies fitted, but I also think there are 240V supplies
lying around somewhere. Some have bulkhead panels in need of cleaning up
where the battery has misbehaved.
2 x VAX 4000-500 - similar comment on the bulkheads, otherwise some nice beasts :).
(* at least one of each of the above taken)
2 x R400X - expansion boxes
(*) BA215

= QBUS-based VAX (cabinets only in various states of undress) =
2 x BA123 - contains parts of a uVax II, not looking healthy
3 x BA23
2 x BA23 third-party clone

= Desktop VAX =
2 x VAXstation 3100/38
2 x VAXstation 3100/76
VXT 2000+
12 x MicroVAX 3100/30
6 x MicroVAX 3100/20 or 20e
(were the things below uVAX or VAXstations??)
1 x MicroVAX 10
(*) 2 x MicroVAX 2000

= Other Digital computers =
PDP-11/34 - with front panel, boots to ODT, no hdd/floppy
(*) DECmate III (PDP-8)
2 x DECstation 3100 MIPS R2000-based
3 x DEC rainbow + much software: system kit, CP/M-86, Lotus 123, MS-DOS

= Digital peripherals =
various x storage expansion (BA46A and BA42B?)
6 x RX50 floppy drive
5 x TK50 tape drive + tapes
Digital TU58
many x TK70 drives + tapes
many x 8-inch floppy drive
many x other DSSI hard drives
many x RD5x hard drives - "*rare!!*" as eBay would say, and data may
need wiping; - certainly available but possibly not immediately
many x MMJ cables

= Digital terminals (genuine) =
(*) VT240

= Digital documentation =
RSX-11M 1/2A-B/3A-B/4A-B/5/6/7 (ie nice and complete :)
RT-11 2/4/5
VMS: Using DECwindows (grey)
VAX C (grey)
some DUNIX 4.0B manuals
(*1 taken) 2 x TCPware for VMS boxes

= CP/M workstation =
Shelton SIG/NET
Gemini Galaxy 2

= IBM PC/compatible =
2 x IBM XT genuine with 386 upgrade cards
2 x IBM PS/2-70
(*) DEC Prioris w/ storageworks cabinet
many x old 286-era stuff

= thin client style PCs =
Netvectra N30
(*) NCD ThinSTAR - WinCE
2 x mini ITX silver cases (empty...)

= Apple computer and peripherals =
Apple Macintosh II
Apple Macintosh SE
2 x Apple IIe
2 x Apple IIgs w/ 2 x 5.25" + 2 x 3.5" ?
6 x Disk II floppy drives
Appleworks GS
Hong Kong Apple II clone w/ built-in FDD - another "*rare!!*" so this
might be handled separately?

= Commodore =
Commodore Amiga B1500
Commodore Plus/4
several x Commodore 64
2 x Commodore VIC-20

= Acorn =
3 x BBC B
4 x Acorn electron with PSU
Acorn A3000
3 x Microvitec Cub monitors

= Other microcomputer =
2 x Amstrad CPC-464
Amstrad CPC-128
Atari ST 520FM
Atari 1024ST
2 x Dragon-32
HX-10 - MSX
Microtan 65 homebuilt
Sinclair QL
Tandy Color CoCo 2

= Sun =
Sparcstation 1
Sparcstation 2
4 x IPX
...and their keyboards and other peripherals and stuff.

= Other workstation =
IBM RS6000 of some sort

= Wyse terminals =
Wyse 60
...more to go here...

= PBX systems =
Tyonix with 30 handsets
London 32
London 16

= Misc =
Psion Organiser II printer
ChannelPlus Genlock Message Centre (?)
19" rackmount fan tray
64180 in-circuit emulator
Westcode systems serial port switches
Intel MDS 220
lots of miscellaneous stuff for all the above - cables, ADB/Sun keyboards, etc...
oodles of terminators, T-pieces


(1) Claim these items ideally within the next couple of weeks, although
should be able to hold on to certain things for a few weeks more --
especially if you can tag something and give an approximate time to
fetch it/have it delivered.

(2) Unless otherwise indicated, items can be collected free from near
Horsham, West Sussex, England, or will be posted absolutely anywhere,
as long as you pay handling/shipping costs (Paypal etc is possible if
you're abroad). If you turn up in person, you can probably take a lot
more than you originally planned, if you feel like it.

(3) Condition: Nothing listed is known to be broken, but everything
should be considered untested. Some obvious points: Storage will be
absent from the VAXen, and external PSUs missing from some of the
microcomputers. Feel free to ask questions, but no guarantees!

(4) Items marked (*) are probably already taken, but feel free to
express your interest anyway, in case minds change. Other things may
also be claimed by the time you read this.

(5) Super-top-prize (of gratitude :) to anyone who wants to provide
space to store this stuff for longer (or just play with it, most
importantly to SAVE it all from destruction).

Feel free to e-mail me on tgarcia AT hivemind DOT org.
Feel free to send this anywhere sensible (already on classiccmp, c.s.dec).