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Gotta Sell


Aug 21, 2006
C-town, WA
Well, I've come to the point where I have to sell some things for money for a new snowboard, as mine has a gigantic crack in the core and is de-lamming(pic below) So, I'm selling my Phillips Velo 1 with 12mb built in memory and windows CE installed on it with many apps, It also has a dock with serial connecter. I have the CD somewhere too, but the drivers could be found online.Also have a cool old HDD for display purposes(pics below). And I'm still selling a Teleport/Bronze Fax/modem for Macintosh Performa, and I also have a Microsoft Sidewinder Pro Joystick for gameport, none of this stuff is worth much, but make offers. Also, I know noone needs them but I have 1 G3 processor of unknown speed if anyonw does happen to want it, pay shipping. I'm sure you all know what a processor looks like, so I won't include a pic of it. Don't hesitate to ask questions about anything

My reason to sell