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Grid 1680 Boot Up


New Member
Sep 18, 2022
I have a Grid 1680 in excellent condition. I plugged it in and non-leaking battery is installed (also in excellent condition). It fails to boot. A yellow battery light goes from steady to blinking and sometimes turns red. The LCD screen cylces between what appear to be a charging icon to a plug icon. The power light does not come on.

Does the battery need to be replaced in order for it to boot ? If so, can I recondition this battery by opening it up and replacing the cells (see the 8 bit guy video:

If so has anyone opened a GRID 1680 battery and any tips ? It seems to be very solidly built and am not convinced I will be able to pry open without doing serious damage to the casing.
I have also tried taking the battery out and just using the ac adapter but behavior is similar.

Thank you.