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GRiD keyboards


Mar 22, 2015
Did all of the 80s era GRiD laptops use the same keyboard mechanism, or did GRiD update/change them throughout the life of the company?

Any of em stand out as more comfortable to use than the others? I've only used a 1520, and while the keyboard feel isn't awful, it is pretty mushy and spongy.
May 5, 2022
I have a plasma 1520, a 2260 and a GRiD Lite 1040, and the 1040 has the best keyboard which seems to be mechanical and decently spaced.
RN there is somewhat cheap one on eBay as well.
Although the 2260 has a great feeling keyboard, it's a bit cramped (nature of the beast being a convertible tbh).
I also have an external "GRiD" keyboard manufactured after the Tandy takeover which is pretty much a model M clone although for the life of me, I cannot get it to work despite it being a ps2 compatible keyboard. I know that some Tandy keyboards have compatibility issues, but I didn't think it extended to their non-DIN keyboards...