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Hauled a refurbished CalComp Designmate BIG plotter!


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Jun 1, 2003
Bellevue, Colorado
calcomp 2034.JPGcalcomp2034 boxed.jpgIt's really neat as huge machines go. I still need paper, pens and to install it on a win95 machine but it'll happen. The plan is to make large gaming maps for peoples' role playing games, if not a lot then just a few. Also, turns out the pens and paper for these things are dirt cheap! It's cheaper to run this gigantic piece of machinery than to run an inkjet printer. While the 3D printer is down, I can use this, or both at the same time.

Also, right now I have a Libretto laptop (very small) to run it. I might break out more of the win95 machines to run it eventually, it's just ironic that such a small computer will be driving the largest piece of hardware I own. Pic in just a sec.
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