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Hello Commodore Enthusiats!


Sep 28, 2008
Ocean, NJ
It appears that there are no posts or pics in this group. I am here to rectify that situation by creating the first post! Let's all say hello, where you are from and which is your favorite Commodore computer!
I will start out:
I am from Ocean Township, NJ
My favorite Commodore is the Commodore 64!
I’m from Arkansas and I only own C64s and that’s pretty much all I’ve used, so I’m not informed enough to have a favorite.
I have a C-64 that is NIB and will probably put it up for sale in the near future. Yes, all manuals are original shrink wrap. The only thing that is amiss is that the rubber bands have deteriorated and are laying in the bottom of the box. I also have a 1571 that seems to be unused still with the cardboard insert but no original packaging. It does have all the cables however. :lol:
How do you browse to these “groups” pages? The only reason I saw this one was because, arkaxow, your post showed up on the unread messages page, but I couldn’t figure out how to get back here. I think it may be hidden from anyone that isn’t an admin or mod. Perhaps that’s why the traffic is low here.

Edit: never mind. I figured it out. It was just confusing me because there are two “groups” in the menu and I must have clicked the same one both times.