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Help Needed (ms-5120 ver1 TR2 manual)


New Member
Jan 30, 2017
So I've found myself a dinosaur ,by my standards, hiding in my parents loft.

The motherboard is a ms-5120 Ver1 PCI PENTIUM TR2 PIPELINED BURST and seems to be in great shape as it was kept in a mild climate with little to no moisture for 12 years or so.

I need help finding the Manual for this board as it escapes me on the 'WayBack Machine Archive'.

The ms-5120 ver0.1 and ver1 are easy to find online however the TR2 seems slightly unique.
There are 2 Ebay listings both showing the exact board without any other info.

The CMOS battery will need replacing for sure so its an added extra if anyone can track down a replacement ODIN OEC12C887A

I need the manual to figure out the front panel connector configuration as when I opened up the case, they were disconnected, by my Dad along time ago no doubt.

Fingers crossed if I get the manual then it'll at least go through POST to the wonderful Windows 95/98 (not sure which is on the hard drive).
At least the power supply still works.


New Member
Nov 16, 2017
I have the manual for this board as i have two of them :) how do i post pictures or do you have and email you would like the send pictures of the page you need? ODIN OEC12C887A can be found all over the web i just got one last year i cant remember where from though sorry