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Help With Ultrastor 24F SCSI EISA Config


Experienced Member
Dec 10, 2021
South Of Boston, MA
Hi all,

I am currently trying to configure an Ultrastor 24F SCSI EISA card in my Anigma motherboard EISA system. I have the EISA .CFG file and I successfully loaded it using an EISA configuration utility, however no matter what I do/change I get an error message on startup - "Disk Controller RAM Error at 3E00." I looked it up and the manual says to change the BIOS address in the EISA configuration utility if this error occurs. Well, I changed the BIOS address to all available options in the EISA configuration utility and I get the same error every time. Only when I disable the BIOS address in the EISA configuration utility does the RAM error go away; but then the card still doesn't work. I'm currently at a loss and could really use some help to get this card up and running. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
I now own this machine having bought it from OP. I'm just going to get another EISA SCSI card and see if thats a quick/cheap solution. The machine is a beauty.