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Hotlinks wordprocessor full version?


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Mar 22, 2011
Sheffield, England
I've just been using this cool little program on my Amstrad PPC. However the spell checker doesn't function. Anyone know if there's are registered version lurking around? I don't imagine it's possible to register it still in 2021 lol
I think it became Laplink Editor and shipped with Laplink Pro but lacks the spell checker. I have a copy under the Lapwrite appellation. I will double check if it has the spell checker later today.

Edit: I have Lapwrite 2.0 which includes a dictionary. The dictionary takes 169K so it has fewer words than a spell checker with a current word processor. Academic writing is likely to result in many unknown words getting flagged.
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The thesaurus and spell checker were a free upgrade so I was a bit surprised that the complete Lapwrite hadn't been reissued.
Until recently I'd only heard of laplink. So Lapwrite was a new one. But it was a great suggestion and it's a very handy wordprocessor. Certainly better than what comes bundled with the Amstrad PPC.
The Tandy 1100FD laptop came with MS-DOS 3.3, DeskMate 3.0, and its semi-WYSIWYG word processor and spell checker in ROM.

I'd love to get one just for the novelty of that, but a serious downside is that it doesn't have any external monitor output.