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How to create a Commodore PET IEEE Cable - Part 1


Aug 11, 2011
Stowmarket, UK
Hi All,

I have only been a member of this forum for a few months, and I have seen many re-occurring posts about making, or obtaining a IEEE cable to run from the PET to say a 8250 Disk Drive. This is a problem for myself as well, with a deteriorating cable; I needed a new one. I also needed a few to sell with some spare 8250 LP drives I had.

Since I have asked more questions than answered, here is something back which I hope someone will find useful.

Note: At time of writing TPUG have cables for sale so if you don't want a crack at it; buy one here:

So here I will show you how to make one of these.... Set aside 2-3hours.
View attachment 6858

This may not be the best method, or tidiest; but hey it works for me. You will need the following:
View attachment 6859
1) 1x Edge Connector - 24 pin (12 position, 2 row) with 0.156" spacing.
I bought 5 of them from eBay for under £5.
2) 1x HP GPIB Lead, longer the better. These are common on eBay for about £10.
3) 1x 37 Pin D Sub Plug Cover hood case / Connector shell.
This is the closest thing which passes for an edge connector cover.
4) Some small spare nuts and bolts, not picture here but shown later.

Essential tools would be a soldering Iron, Solder, Multimeter/Continuity tester, small hacksaw, a small file, wire strippers, the usual wire cutters & screw drivers. Some useful tools are desk clamps, and a hot melt/hobby glue gun.

On to Part 2...