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How to create a Commodore PET IEEE Cable - Part 3


Aug 11, 2011
Stowmarket, UK
Finally, we need to put the cover on the edge connector. It will need a small adjustment. Basically both top & bottom "lips" of the connector needs removing. I used a small hacksaw and file for finishing. Hopefully yours will look better than mine. If you don't do this, it won't fit snugly and fully into the PET's edge connctor.
View attachment 6864

We are now ready to fit the edge connector cover, and this is straighforward...
View attachment 6865

Since we no longer have the "lip" to hold in the connector, I had to use some spare nuts and bolts pictured below to hold it in place. These brass ones work quite well, but I'm sure you can find some from a hardware store.
View attachment 6866

And there we have it, complete with a simple label. There is a small gap you can see inside which could be blocked/packed with something, but it's only cosmetic. I don't think Belkin will want my resume, but hey they made these we wouldn't need to do all this...
View attachment 6867

That's all folks, I hope it worked for you!