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HP Palmtop 1000CX


Veteran Member
Sep 21, 2006
South Florida
(2) units available, first come first served.
These are 2MB EURO/ENGLISH units. Usable here, just happen to have the GBP simple and such, but QWERTY english kb. hinges. One has a slight crack on the top cover near the hinge, but the hinge is super-tight :) crack is maybe 10-15mm long, not a biggie - you have to LOOK for it.

Second unit has no flaws I can see. Both have a little sticker residue.

Both power on fine, battery compartment AA divider is NOT broken, battery compartment is NOT cracked, LCD's display fine. Both have keyboards with little-to-no wear on them, fully 100% readable.

the 1000CX is basically a 200LX, minus the extra PIM apps.
These were basically used for OEM purposes, but have similar specs as the 200LX, including CF compatibilities.

$210 shipped for the no-issues unit
$185 shipped for the second.
Paypal add the 3.5% or whatever the fee is.
Keep in mind these are tested, working units, not russian-roulette gambling on fleaBay.
Most of you here know I don't sell junk.

These will come with new AA's and new CR2032 backup battery, both not installed, so when you put in the AA's, it is ready and blank!

These WILL ACCEPT rechargeables like the 200LX, just type "setup" to go into setup, press the corresponding Fn key for 'power' and change it to RchrgOn and you're good.

I will put up pics when I get home.