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IBM 5152 printer gives "No Paper" warning -- w/ paper loaded!


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Aug 18, 2018

I recently picked up a 1982 5150/5151/5152 w/ model F keyboard. I found an original MS PC DOS 2.1/Supplemental Programs set w/ manuals and discs. Someone donated about 50 pages of fanfold paper, and I've ordered a new/old 8750 ink ribbon, which should arrive in a couple of days. The computer has the 2nd MB revision and the 3rd revision BIOS (10/27/82), the MB has 64K-256K memory, and all four banks are full. There are two double-sided 5.25" full height floppy drives -- both work great. So... the computer itself, and the monitor and keyboard work great.

I downloaded and printed out the printer manual and loaded the paper. When I turn the printer on, it lets out eight loud beeps, and the "No Paper" light comes on. The tractor wheels give a nudge when the printer turns on, but nothing after that. Can anyone help me get the printer running correctly?

Thanks ;)


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Jan 11, 2007
Pacific Northwest, USA
The 5152 is a rebadged Epson MX-80. (A lot of people realized this right at the start and bought the MX-80, rather than the IBM branded one because it was less expensive).

Here's the technical and service manual for the MX-80:


Look at page 3-13--that's the PE (paper end) sensor. The printer itself is simplicity--linear PSU, 8085 "brains".