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IBM Aptiva Stealth Access Station for a 2159 or 2162?


Experienced Member
Nov 2, 2016
I was curious if the separate floppy/cd access stations for the Aptiva Stealth split-system models are interchangeable between the 2159 and 2162 models? From what I can see the access station itself looks nearly identical for each. However, I did notice, after looking through the hardware manuals, that the host card attached to the motherboard inside of the tower for each have different part numbers. The 2159 is 76H1736 where the 2162 is 76H6904. I did not know if these were just labeled different simply because of the model they come in but are actually the same part or if they do have some differences in functionality? I am aware of the design change for the 2142 models being different just not sure on the 2159 and 2162.