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IBM PS/2 Model 30 power supply shenanigans


Sep 1, 2016
Greenville, SC
A year or so ago, I picked up a fairly nice PS/2 Model 30 286, only problem was most of the caps had gone bad in the PSU. Rushing to try and fix this issue, I committed the unforgivable sin of desoldering the capacitors without noting any of their values or where they went. Ouch. Picked up a semi-working Model 50 today in hopes of using it's PSU as a guide for the caps, but unfortunately it seems IBM sourced power supplies from different manufacturers and these two, despite sharing the same part number, are completely different. Well that was a complete bust.

I was wondering if anyone here had a similar PSU as mine and could kindly note the values of the capacitors, as the data sheets don't seem to exist for them any more. The version I'm looking for is the Astech-manufactured Model AA15992