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IBM PS/2 Server 95A

@stavri85 you might want to introduce yourself, and say where you are located. That would help folks to advise you on your 95A.

As a general rule, if you want to just get top price, search eBay for sold listings over the past few months, and take an average.

- Alex
Sorry for reviving a moribund thread, but this question is one that demonstrates "it depends"

A "95A" can be used like "Kleenex" or "Xerox". Even the Type-Model may be misleading, due to upgrades or stripping. A "95A" means the system has the dual serial / dual parallel port planar. After that, it could have no complex, a 486DX2-66 (N), P60 (P), P66 (Q) or P90 (Y). Memory could range from ZEE-RO MB to 64MB of FPM -OR- 256MB of x39 ECC (x40 from an RS/6000 will NOT work). Video can range from none to a 512K SVGA, XGA, XGA2, -OR- an ATI GUP or something better. Not all "95A" models had the RAID Array hot swap cages, RAID cables, or RAID controller installed, and the drives in trays might have been pulled upon decommissioning. Add a sound card, and things get odd. ACPAs are (IMHO) not super desirable, but even Sound Blasters skew things. I'm keeping my ChipChat, thank you very much...

Something that frosts my mojo is a stripped system being peddled as if it was NOS. RAID controllers without i960, complexi sans proper CPUs -or- L2 cache controllers. Wrong cables. Wrong memory (not PD coded, wrong speed, wrong architecture...). Installed adapters are not correct / supported... say an 8514 /A video, old Tribble SCSI, RS/6000 adapters sans ADFs....

So... in a small, quiet voice, "it depends"