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Western Europe IBM XT clone "Megaboard" in working condition in Germany. 300 Euros

Covers: Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco and Liechtenstein


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Aug 13, 2021
Saxony, Germany
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XT Clone System - 300 Euros.

Unusual and very large "Megaboard" motherboard from 1985 made by Display Telecomminications Company (or a clone of their board). Electrically virtually identical to the IBM XT. It works fine and has been one of my main 2 XT's, but I've decided to make space by selling one. The PCB features 7 expansion slots and MS Cassette Basic on ROM.


Motherboard and case, obviously, with the following:

  • A PSU that is internally a mid 1990s AT unit, housed within the original PSU case. The US style sockets on the rear are non-funtional
  • Standard 8 bit serial card
  • Standard FDD controller card
  • TEAC 360k 5.25" Drive which I beleive is original to the build
  • Modern 1.44mb ALPS drive (that functions as a 720k drive)
  • 16 bit VGA video card that works in an 8 bit slot (but doesn't fit in all slots due to its shape)
  • Reset button added to the front of the case
  • Volume pot for the speaker added which is accessible with the top opened

The BIOS currently installed is an alternate clone XT BIOS as the original BIOS (chip also included) for some reason doesn't get along with the 16 bit VGA card and always reports a problem with the video RAM and that requires a key-press before it continues as normal. With an 8 bit video card it reports no issues.

It's heavy and quite fragile! I will theoretically post to anywhere at whatever the actual cost of posting is. I will also wrap well. If anyone is local you are welcome to come and see it being demonstrated. I do have some more pics but could only attached 10 with this post.


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