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IESI Datacorder II software?


Veteran Member
Nov 22, 2012
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Would anyone happen to have any cassette software for an IESI Datacorder II? It's actually a pretty cool Z80 computer with a full keyboard or input, a 1 line 40 column display and printer for output and a cassette unit for storage. Problem is, it expects runnable code from cassette, and doesn't do much more than ask for a program tape.

The only reference to the Datacorder II I could find was via a page by Leo A. Notenboom here: https://leo.notenboom.org/a_pre_microsoft/ It would really be cool to have Microsoft BASIC on this but anything would be nice to see if it works.

Here are a couple of pictures. I also posted these on Twitter.

Datacorder II

DatacorderII - profile.jpg

Internal bottom:

DatacorderII - Internal bottom.jpg

Internal top:

DatacorderII - internal top.jpg

If anyone should happen to have anything or know anything about the Datacorder II, I'd be very interested.