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I'm hosting a free RetroGaming "pop-up museum" in Mountain View, CA on May 11th!


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Mar 20, 2015
Bay Area, California
I think some of you may know that my family and I do a thing we call The Retro Roadshow, in which we put on free public presentations and hands-on exhibitions of vintage technology from our collection. I’m delighted to share that we’re going to be doing an event with the Mountain View Public Library on May 11th, from 1:30pm — 4:30pm!

At this special event, we’re going to give a short and fun presentation about the history and evolution of video game art, science, and design, using Nintendo’s Mario character as a point of reference. Following the presentation, attendees will be invited to get hands-on and play Mario games on platforms ranging from the 1970's (Atari 2600, Atari 7800, ColecoVision, Intellivision) through early 2000's (Nintendo GameCube), experiencing firsthand the evolution of this art form.

This event is free to attend for anyone 12 years old or older and “walk ins” will be allowed, but there are limited spots and those who have registered in advance will be given priority, so you fill out a simple registration form on the Mountain View Public Library website ASAP. I would love to see some VCF folks there!
Just a quick heads-up: as of right now, there are only 6 seats left available to register for this free event. If you do sign up to attend, please say hi after the presentation - I'd love to know if any VCF folks are in the audience!