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I'm not getting notifications


Experienced Member
Sep 28, 2012
Kent, England
On visiting this site after several months absence I discovered that discussions had been going on in one of my own threads, which I obviously have on watch, without my receiving any email notifications. It made me look discourteous apart from anything else. I can't see any problem with my settings and used to get notifications, so what's changed?
Rob, nothing should have changed. Can you PM me with details on who you use for email services, and we’ll see if we’re getting any bounces.

- Alex
I recently discovered that I hadn't been getting email notifications from my long-standing thread again. I tried unwatching the thread and then watching it again and saw that the system offered to watch with and without emails notifications. This caused the emails to start being sent again. I don't recall seeing this option before so maybe old threads with long-standing watch requests need their watch instructions reset like this to ensure that the emails are sent.

If I don't reset the watch request on this old thread then I may not get an email notification that I have received a reply here either, so I won't just to test this out.
I noticed this same thing with notifications a few months back. I also found that by unwatching and then re-watching with the correct email setting solved the problem. So, any settings you change on your account preferences pages don't get applied to the currently watched threads. It appears that you have to reset each thread separately.
Yes, just as I suspected I didn't get a notification of your reply until I looked on the website.