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Insane quantities of SDRAM, DDR and DDR2 RAM (Including 1GB DDR and 2GB DDR2 modules)


Experienced Member
Apr 5, 2016
I have an OBSCENE quantity of RAM modules of DDR2, DDR, and SDRAM. They were all pulled from industrial computers. The DDR2 modules are all DDR2 800, the DDR modules are all DDR 400. The SDRAM modules are PC-133 I believe. Brands are mixed name brands. Orders will be matched in sets of 3 (SDRAM) or 4 (DDR1 and DDR2) according to brand and module configuration. Items will be shipped in bubble mailers and I am not responsible for shipping damages. Accordingly I am only accepting PayPal F&F. Prices include shipping to United States, currently not shipping across borders.

Prices, quantities available, and minimum quantities are as follows:

* SDRAM 256MB MODULES: $5 each, 5 minimum per order. Approximately 25 available.
* DDR 1024MB MODULES: $4 each, 5 minimum per order. Approximately 60 available.
* DDR2 1024MB MODULES: $1.50 each, 15 minimum per order. Approximately 200 available.
* DDR2 10 NEW OLD STOCK 1GB Modules: sold as a lot, $25
* DDR2 4x2GB KITS (8GB TOTAL: $20 each, sold individually. 2 available.



$200 takes my entire stock. This would be a lifetime supply of RAM for these memory types. This includes shipping which probably would not be cheap. RAM will be shipped in a box divided only by type.

I will also take trades of the following:

* NVIDIA GeForce FX5000, 6000, 7000 and 8000 series GPUs; Their Quadro varients.
* Any and all ATI GPUs post 2000
* Working motherboards LGA775, AM2, AM2+, and Socket 478
* Creative Soundcards
* late 90s to early 2000s laptops, especially with dedicated graphics.
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