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InteGRiD 3.3.1 user and development environment uploaded to the Internet Archive.


Experienced Member
Mar 26, 2018
Denton, TX USA
I have uploaded a complete InteGRiD user and development environment to the Internet Archive.

It's here: https://archive.org/details/integrid-dev-env

It is designed to run in MAME, so it can be used by the IA's Emularity, but I need to work with someone there to set the appropriate metadata so it will load.

There is also a complete ZIP of the system.

It contains, at a high level:

* InteGRiD 3.3.1, for CGA, and GRiDCASE 400 line displays.
* All of the available GRiD user software
* All of the available development tools, including compilers for asm, C, PL/M, Pascal, Fortran, and C. As well as GRiDTask II.
* An example project that can be built with it all.
* All relevant documentation

Requirements are pretty simple:
* An MS-DOS PC with a CGA or CGA400 display. EGA also works. VGA DOES NOT.
* 3 megabytes of disk space, unpack into C:\

A similar environment is being prepared for Compass.

Thanks to all in the last two decades who have been collecting the artifacts. Hopefully this is an acceptable resolution to keep these things preserved.