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Job Lot Vintage Computers For Sale **UK**


New Member
Apr 18, 2020
Apologies for the spam here, but I have a load of old computers for sale if anyone is interested: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124158364556

From the listing:

Ok, here we have a mountain of old computers. Mix of desktops and laptops, monitors, peripherals and software.. These belonged to a friend of mine who had been collecting them since childhood. Upon his mother requesting he moved them out of her house where they were taking up a lot of space, the hoarder in me jumped at the chance of taking them. Naturally they have
since been sitting in a pile
in my house, which in the current scenario I am taking steps to declutter!!
All of these are sold as spares or repair as I don't the time or energy to even bother pluging them in one by one to test, I just want rid of the things! Bear in mind these have been sitting in storage in an old cottage for nigh on 20 years so they're pretty mucky, but I'm sure there is a gem or 2 in there for someone.

So what we have is:

3 x BBC Microcomputers,
1 x Dragon 32 w PSU
1 x Amiga 500
1 x Compaq Deskpro 386
1 x Amstrad 2086
3x Generic PC towers

2 x Amstrad ALT 286
1 x Compaq Portable II
1x Bondwell Laptop - cased with PSU
1x Olympia Calculator Thing
1x Toshiba T1800

1x BBC micro monitor
2x Amstrad Monitors
1x Samtron Monitor
1x IBM Victor/Sirus Monitor
1x IBM Personal Computer Display

1 x Marconi RB2 Track Ball
1 x Amiga 570 CD-Drive, boxed
1 x Old Dell Keyboard
1x IBM Keyboard
1x IBM/Victor Keyboard
1x Akhter Dual Disk Drive (I think for BBC Micro)
Lots and lots of Hards Disks, mainly Amiga games I think.

So... collection is from NR21 in Norfolk, Fakenham to be precise. Less than 2 hours from the M25 (junction 27).

Please don't ask me to split this up - the whole purpose of this sale is to get these things out of my sight, so it's all or nothing I'm afraid...

Cheers all



Experienced Member
Sep 14, 2017
Not on the topic, but do You know who can have (a cheap, sorry) "big tape" drive with SCSI connector? What may be a price?
Best regards