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Kalok Cartridge System

Yeah $500 is way too much. I got both of my boxed sets (one of which was still shrink wrap sealed) for $45 and $50 each.

I have not yet published my entire collection, I have a few hundred drives left to photograph and document. Several of them are on my YouTube channel, I upload a new drive every Saturday. Eventually I'll have recorded every drive in my collection, but that's a long way off yet. The individual groups of drives I've posted here are the more "Complete" individual sets. I've got a discord you're welcome to join as well which has close up photos of lots of my drives.
I have a NEC D3142. I can hear the sound of the floppy drive ;) Also used System Speed Test hd.
The D3142 is a nice drive, I've got three of them. The one in the video has it's factory 3.5" white faceplate, I have one in a factory 5.25" bracket with the black faceplate, and one with no faceplate. The NEC drives seem to be by far my most popular videos at the moment.

All of the tests are stored on floppy disks - I'm booting DOS 6.2 on A: with most of my utilities. SpeedSys, Coretest and the batch script which runs all the tests are on B:. Something is electrically wrong with that drive as sometimes it will not register that a disk is inserted for several seconds after you insert it.

There's definitely a few videos there at least on my collection, some of them are more interesting than others, I would think. I'm not sure anyone really seeks out Seagate ST-225 videos, but some of these drives I would definitely consider unusual - Panasonic JU-128, Epson-Seiko HD-860, the Hitachi DK505-2. Stuff like that.
I recently received a shipment of HDD. For the first time I have a working WD93044-A. The sound of his work was beautiful.

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but some of these drives I would definitely consider unusual - Panasonic JU-128, Epson-Seiko HD-860, the Hitachi DK505-2. Stuff like that.
But my Panasonic JU-128 is faulty. Have you had any experience repairing this model?
The WD93044A definitely has an interesting sound to it. Of the group you posted my personal favorite is the Kyocera KC-40GA. Those are lovely drives, if they auto parked they would be perfect.

I did repair my JU-128, it had a sticking actuator and the magnet on the locking cam had fallen off. What is wrong with yours?
What is wrong with yours?
I don't remember. I received it a long time ago. I'll take it out and check it again.

I have several HDDs whose spindles have jammed. Access to the engine is only from inside. How do you fix them?
Ah, that was not an issue with my JU-128 (the actuator was stuck but not the spindle). However, my Maxtor LXT-100S (which uses the same chassis) did have this issue.
I lifted the lid and rotated the spindle by hand until it was free enough to start on it's own, at which point I left it running for several hours to make sure that it would not jam again. It has not stuck since.

Here is a photo inside and a video starting it with the lid off:
Video: Maxtor LXT-100S startup with lid removed