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Kaypro 10 HDhas to be replaced ...


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Apr 2, 2016
Moscow, Russia
Hi, all, folks ! I have a K10 in good condition - at least screen is glowing very bright and machine seem to be like a new one .. but today I fired it and while booting CP/m 2.2 it showed an error message about "bad sectors". I pushed the reset button and then it loaded OS completely and worked fine for some 40 minutes. On some other time it's HDD refused to spin, but then started, at last, after few attempts ...

But anyway I can't trust so old MFM HDD's. Are there any option to replace it by some controller or device with modern media, lika a CF or SD card ? I like and use old computers - and for example in my 286-PIII PC's I try to keep IDE/SCSI HDD's - but I have about 200 IDE HDD's in stock. In my older computers I try to replace MFM HDD's wherever it's possible - for example few days ago replaced a 20 mb MFM HDD in my IBM AT 5170 to a ISA8->CF device - not only because of reliability, but because I need more space even for a 6mhz 286 system, than a pair of MFM HDD's can afford...

So If there's an option to order something that can keep my Kaypro in working condition, even if it's original HDD will "die" ?

I live in Moscow, Russia. Anyway, I have payd and received a lot of stuff like that, like a gotek emulator for A3000 from Canada or 2.5''SCSI-SD controller for my 180c PowerBook from ... Australia ! - So shipment is not a problem... )

P.S. Also about 5-8 years ago I noticed a set on a Ebay for "Kaypro-10 enthusiasts". It consisted of the mass produced ST-225 MFM HDD and a read-only-memmory chip that has to be replaced on K10' MFM controller and make it to work with ST-225 instead of the original 10mb HDD. IT's now the best solution, but I wonder did anybody try it ?

I'll search Google now for my question, but anyway will be happy to receive help or advice on this forum, too...

Thanks, Iakov Khalip, Jr ...
There are a few options if you don't want to use another MFM drive. There are two MFM drive emulators that could be used. The first is David Gesswein's:


The second is the DREM:


There's also the FreHD which can be used on the Kaypro 10 with an adapter:


The discussion is here:


I have David Gesswein's MFM emulator as well as the DREM but haven't used them with my Kaypros, but they are reported to work. I have used the FreHD with the adapter board mentioned in the thread above with both a Kaypro 10 and a Kaypro 2X.