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Kaypro II for parts


Veteran Member
Oct 20, 2006
Boston, MA
I've got a Kaypro II here, it needs a keyboard and new A: drive. I managed to kill the keyboard and cable by not properly securing the prop under the Kaypro, and when it fell it took the keyboard cable and connector out with it. The disk drive A: is able to do nothing more than boot the computer. B: appears to be fully functional. I don't have a box and material large enough for the machine, so would rather just give you(Not give, rather sell at a cheap price) the item you are seeking. Everything else in the unit works perfectly. I even have all the original manuals and disks. It is physically possible for me to sell the whole unit, but the shipping could be just a tad steep depending on the service. I am also willing to trade the unit for any other portable comptuer, or for an IBM 5153 color monitor in excellent condition. I am also seeking any early 1980s IBM stuff I can get, or AT&T stuff I can get.

Don't tell the mods(it's off topic) but I'll also trade for a PI, PII, or AMD-K6 laptop.