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Latest purchase: 3x IIgs, 1x IIc plus software.

Anonymous Freak

Veteran Member
Oct 9, 2007
Re-posting from the 68kMLA:

Ah, what $60 will get you...

I just picked up a //c with power supply, plus matching 5.25" external floppy drive and green-mono CRT. Includes original manual and two set-up guides. Sadly, the //c doesn't power on. The power switch feels like the green part you push has disconnected from the actual switch inside. Turns out the power supply is dead. This one works (although you have to jiggle the power button to make is stay in the 'on' position,) but the PSU doesn't work on another //c. A copy of MousePaint was in the drive.

Along with that are three IIgs systems.

One is a ROM 1, stock.

One is a ROM 1 with memory expansion (AppleWorks says 1149 K available.) The memory card has all of its sockets full.

The third is a ROM 3 with memory expansion (AppleWorks says 1277 K available.) The memory card has all of its sockets empty.

I swapped the memory expansion cards, to give the ROM 3 machine 2 MB, and the ROM 1 machine 384 K.

Also included are a boxed copy (new-style packaging with the black bar) of AppleWorks, along with a second copy on old-style (colorful writing on beige) disks.

An ADB keyboard (the small style that came with the later 68k and early PPC machines,) and mouse (the first ADB mouse,) were given as well.

Two 800K floppy drives were thrown in.

Finally, two 3.5" disks were in the two 800K drives.....

One is rather boring, an Apple IIgs copy of Math Rabbit. (Maybe I'll have my five-year-old daughter play it...)

But, the bonus disk is a "Macintosh System Disk" (complete with colorful 'Picasso Mac' label) containing a pristine copy of System 2.0/Finder 4.1! It is now my oldest official-from-Apple Macintosh system disk. And it works like a charm on my SE. (Can't wait to get a 128K to use it on.) Yes, I promptly made a disk image of it.

The dead //c, along with the two ROM 1 IIgs systems, are going up for sale, look for the thread in the Marketplace. (Along with two more //c's I just found in storage that both work perfectly.)


Veteran Member
Mar 7, 2009
I have a bunch of Apple 2e software that's meant for younger kids' education, which obviously isn't too fun for me. I have no other software, so I usually just code in BASIC on them for fun when I do use them - would you be interested in the disks for your kid(s)? I'd give them to ya for a few bucks plus shipping (10 disks or so, I'll count them and list them if u like if you're interested).