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Let's give this one more try


Veteran Member
Jul 6, 2009
Central Florida
I have available the following vintage boards etc.

1. IBM AT Type 1 Motherboard with 512k Piggyback RAM & AMI BIOS ROMS's. Original ROMs will be included as well.

2. IBM Floppy MFM Hard drive controller card for above mentioned board.

3. 4 Meg RAM board can be used with above mentioned board.

4. Tandy 1000 mainboard with 128K installed RAM. This is the original 1000 board!

5. 2 or 3 Multio I/O cards mainly serial/Parellel.

6. IBM MGA Graphics card for XT or PC.

7. IBM EGA card with 64K RAM

8. IBM PCjr Minboard with 128k and Infrared receiver.

As always make offers and PM to me.

Items 1 2 and 3 might make the beginnings of a home brew AT if bought together. Bur would need a supported MFM hard drive. Actually user stone has one right now that should work.


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