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Local CraigsList items


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Oct 20, 2006
Boston, MA
TI/99-4A--Original owner, like new condition, with boxes--$35/obo
Tandy 1000(RL?)--Stopped working yesterday--PSU? Free.
TRS-80 minidisk--$50/obo

The last one offers shipping, other two don't. It's not that I don't want them, its that I don't have the monies to go that far. But if someone on here wants something from there, I'd be glad to pick up and pack/ship for you, that is, with a little "convincing(money)"

Of course, I'd take it to UPS where they will pack a whole computer for $10. Hell, thats how much a BOX here for a computer goes for. Thusly, cheaper than doing it myself. Then to save shipping, I'd use FedEX(or whatever you want) as they are hella cheap. $12 cheaper than UPS for a PC to WV. Only charged I think $35-$45 for an 80LB box to WI.

I'm in Lewisville. Plano, where the TI-99/4A is, is about 25 miles one way. Haltom City, where the TRS-80 resides, is about 30. And finally, the minidisk is 35 miles, in Fort Worth.

PM for cost details. Wont be outrageous, just enough to get me there and back, and of course a little extra for the trouble.