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Looking for a Morrow Disk Jockey 2D board


Oct 14, 2015
Anyone out there have a Morrow Disk Jockey 2D Floppy controller board that they would like to sell?
Have been watching ebay, but so far have not seen one come up for sale.
I just jumped over to eBay, and the same Seller has a pile of S-100 boards that were just listed. Many of them are Cromemco boards and desirable IF you a Cromemco Owner/User. This Seller also has a couple of SSM PB1 PROM Programmers that are going for only $25 each, right now.

I suspect that the guy who calls himself: vintagecomputermuseum selling on eBay is also bidding on some of the boards under/using a different screen name.
Yes, Won the auction.
I replaced the red tantalum caps as I have had those fail on other boards in the past.
Yes, the board works.
Seller posted another DJ board with a BIN, and bought it also.
It is missing 1 IC, but it is a standard IC and available.