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Looking for "Digital Innovations File Transporter 1.3"


Experienced Member
Nov 18, 2022
London, UK
Hi all,

Does anyone happen to have a copy of Digital Innovations File Transporter version 1.3 floating about? The filename is xport.exe.

I happened across this software on a 5160 that I bought recently, and if I could get this working then I would have a means to copy files on/off until I get my hands on some floppy disks and an XT-IDE adapter (both are in the post, but wont have them for another week or two).

Ive found a copy of 2.1 on the internet, but Im trying to figure out if the reason it doesnt "work" is due to the version mismatch or something else.

Symptoms of what Im seeing (irrespective of the selected baud rate):

1. Start xport.exe, and it will wait until the other end has also started (i.e. moves on from "Waiting for response from remote")
2. Will then start testing the serial link, but no mater what speed it never seems to move from from this stage. The readme doc says that this may take "several seconds" depending on the speed used, but I think a minute or two is well and truly beyond "several seconds" territory... Ive not seen any kind of error message to suggest that the link is running too fast or that there are any errors otherwise.
3. With varying levels of success I can make some progress within the application up to the point where it says it is copying and specifying the number of blocks remaining for a file, but I never make any progress beyond this point and the copy doesnt seem to progress.