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Mac and PC items


Experienced Member
Feb 21, 2004
Snohomish,WA 98296
This is a shout out to anyone living in the Seattle area...Vancouver to Vancouver. I have a ton of mac and pc items for sale including:

2 mac plus's...$30
3 mac se's...$30
performa 6400....$20
LC 575...$20
Scsi external hard drives...price depends on what you want and how many
tons of pc cards for 8088, 286 on up machines...video cards, hd/fd controllers, game cards, misc other cards...unsure what works..price is negotiable
some external scsi stuff...zip, syquest, etc.
might have an ega monitor
some vintage software for pc...word, word perfect, etc. still sorting them out

This is all for local pickup. All the computers and scsi stuff works. I need to make a little money off these but I do want this stuff sold. If you want more info please email me at desktopseller@gmail.com or you can call me at 425-379-5928.