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Mac LC III for trade :-)....


Experienced Member
Jul 6, 2005
Upstate NY
As I mentionned in my intro I have both an LC III and a Performa 575 Sooooooo.

I'd like to put my Mac LC III up for trade.

68030 CPU running at 25mHz
8 Mb RAM
160 Meg HD
System 7.0.1 (with CD to upgrade up to 7.5.5
External SCSI CD ROM drive
Color Monitor.

Would trade for:
- pretty much any hand help computers (old one, no palm or anything) like the SHARP PC-1360 for example...as long as it's programmable.
- Atari Portfolio
- Atari 1024ST possibly with monitor (monochome would do fine :) ) since those monitors are hard to find ;-).
- Suggest anything :) this is what I thought of at the time of post but I'm flexible ;-)....

Let's see what happens