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Macintosh Plus/peripherals


Veteran Member
Oct 20, 2006
Boston, MA
Been a while, eh...

I was going through storage, and came across a few things to try to free myself of(or otherwise keep to repair). Thought maybe one of ya'll might be interested. I have a Macintosh Plus 1Mb with keyboard, numerical pad, mouse, manuals, and carrying case. The flyback for the monitor is bad. A few hits to the side gets it to come back for awhile, however, as I was grabbing my camera, the flyback seemed to have given up the ghost. The computer still turns on, and boots from the disk drive as it should, however, it is to be understood that at this point, the monitor does not come on.

It's a fairly simple fix, but I doubt if I'll have the time, as I've been sitting on this one for about a year. I'm happy to take it and have it packed at UPS/FedEx, however, I don't have packing supplies at home to do it myself. I've included a few pictures.

Open to offers.

--Jack Ryan
Denton, TX


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