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Magnavox Manual 8517 - Magnavox/HeadStart 286/386SX Computer Systems


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Nov 8, 2013
Corona, New York, United States
Not sure if this is the right category to submit documentation, but here is at long last, the Magnavox Manual 8517, which is actually a full-blown service manual which includes the jumper settings, all FDDs options, all HDD options, all CD-ROM options (if it was a CD model), schematics and etc. I've had this for several years.

This covers the following models:
  • HeadStart 286 (HS1200), 286CD (HS48CD), SX (HS1600), SX CD (HS64CD)
  • Magnavox 386SX (MGP160), 386SXCD (SR16CD)
  • Magnum 286 (MG1200), 286CD (MG48CD), 286SX (MG1600), 286SX CD (MG64CD)
  • MaxStation 286 (MX1200), 286CD (MX48CD), 386SX (MX1600, typo shows as MG1600), 386SX CD (MX64CD)
  • Professional 286 (PR1200), 286CD (PR48CD), 386SX (PR1600), 386SXCD (PR64CD)

    All have a "GY01" model suffix.

Here's a quick scan from my phone, once I find my scanner, I will update the link with it: