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Mentor Graphics 433 Workstation, "Wilma"


Experienced Member
Feb 8, 2013
Livermore, California
I have for sale this hulk of a workstation, a Mentor Graphics 400 series (a sticker on it says it's been "Upgraded to 433"), named Wilma. It's powered by a scorching 33Mhz Motorola XC68040RC33E microprocessor. It has four RAM modules that coincidentally were made in Puerto Rico (when they had electricity) though I'm not sure of their respective sizes. It has two Micropolis model 1588 SCSI drives (760MB capacity each) that seem to spin up just fine when I power up the machine. I have no way to test it any further.

There is half of an AMD asset tag on it, so at one point it performed work for them. It is possible the hard drives are wiped. It is possible that they are not.

The PC bus is populated with two IKON Model 10092 interfaces (description below) and an Apollo 015891 token ring network board.

The two IKON boards are described in the literature thusly:

"The IKON Model 10092 Hardcopy interface is a very high performance DMA interface for hardcopy output devices including:

Versatec Electrostatic Plotters
Tektronix Color Copiers
Imagen Laser Printers
Any Other Centronics or Versatec-compatible Device"


So it seems this was used as a workstation for printing graphic design work? Perhaps even a printer server? Maybe it printed manuals or data sheets at AMD for their various chip products? Who knows, but it's got some provenance.

Photos are here:


Shipping this thing would be onerous but doable. It kills my 70lbs shipping scale and I'm guessing it comes in at least around 100lbs. Local pickup is recommended.

I'm asking $250 or your best offer.


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